How to launch a new flavour


Expanding your product line with a new flavour is an exciting time for your business. But launching a new product in fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) can get expensive fast. Luminar’s been built precisely to solve this challenge with on-demand turnaround times and competitive pricing.


Top considerations when preparing to launch a new flavour

Thinking about broadening your market reach with a new flavour? If you’ve nailed the idea, tested the flavour profile and earned positive feedback from your focus group, it might be time to start considering the next steps – design and packaging/labelling.

Here are some of the main questions to ask before investing in production:

  • Is the timing right? How long has it been since your original flavour was released? If there is considerable market hunger for a new flavour right now, it’s best to strike while the iron is hot.
  • What type of packaging do I want? Is it going to be near-identical to your original branding, or do you want a new colour scheme to draw attention? Also consider whether you want to use sustainable packaging.
  • What’s the name? This will depend on how your original products have been branded, but you may need to come up with a new and catchy name for this flavour – in addition to any design/colour changes.
  • How will I promote it? Do you have a deal in place with stores or supermarkets to stock your new flavours, or will you have to bootstrap this additional product online and at markets until there is enough demand for it? The answer to this may influence your budget for packaging and marketing.


Consistency is key

You are already established in your own right, so you know what works and what doesn’t in terms of the quality of your product. But sometimes getting the design right for a new flavour can be difficult. After all, you likely spent weeks or even months perfecting the design and branding for your original flavour – how can you set your new flavour apart?

The key is consistency. You want to make sure your new flavour is instantly recognisable as being part of your existing brand’s family. But you also want it to stand out just enough so that it catches shoppers’ eyes and intrigues them enough to try something new.

We know that design isn’t everyone’s speciality. Which is why the experts at Luminar can help with every step of your branding journey, and point you in the right direction when it comes to design choices.


What Luminar offers for new flavour launches

We understand that urgency is common in the FMCG sector. Even a minor delay can put a massive dent in your cash flow, so you need a modern packaging and label partner who is familiar with the challenges of launching a new flavour. While traditional providers offer a service that is slow, expensive and reserved for large runs, a nimble provider like Luminar is all about quality service and quick turnarounds – without the eye-watering costs.

At Luminar, we partner with some of Australia’s leading food brands, and we are no stranger to launching new flavour. You can read more about how we helped Mingle Seasoning build the right foundations for its rollout across major supermarkets in Australia.

Here’s our promise to you as an experienced packaging and label print partner:

  • Our low-MOQ digital printing is perfect for getting new products to market rapidly.
  • All our packaging and labelling solutions are produced locally in Sydney.
  • Short runs are no obstacle for us.
  • We guarantee fast turnarounds.

If you’re preparing to launch a new flavour and need a packaging and label partner who can guarantee high quality, fast turnarounds and cost-effectiveness, Luminar is here to help. Contact the experts on (02) 9634 3100 or get a quick quote today.