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At Luminar, we're proud to say that we're committed to building a more sustainable world.

We’ve been working hard to implement more sustainable practices into our workplace and look for innovative ways to improve our product offering, so we can look after this wonderful planet we call home.

Along with a variety of recyclable options, we’re proud to offer clients plastic-free, home compostable packaging solutions. Yep, plastic free. Being plant based, this packaging can decompose in as little as 26 weeks, leaving nothing toxic behind. Just pure, nutrient soil.


What is Compostable Packaging?

Compostable films are biodegradable materials that break down naturally and return nutrients back into the soil under specific composting conditions.

  • Certified Home Compostable Barrier Packaging suitable for clear / paper / metalised printed films / pouches / sachets
  • Australia’s only certified Home Compostable flexible Packaging Supplier
  • 26 weeks in your garden compost and its gone

At Luminar

Carbon Footprint

We’re mindful of our carbon footprint.

Sustainable Future

We believe in a sustainable future.

Ethical & Sustainable

We’re constantly looking at ways to offer our customers more ethical and sustainable products.

100% by 2025

Our goal is for our whole product range to be either 100% recyclable or compostable by 2025.

Why Compostable Packaging?


Our Compostable Packaging is made from renewable resources such as plant fibres. This reduces the reliance on Petrochecmicals.

Cradle to Cradle

Packaging that can be returned back to nature after use.

Waste Reduction

Replaces multi-layer barrier laminates that can’t be recycled.


  • Paper – 25g MGBK, 40g MGBK: Made from FSC, PEFC accredited pulp – for every tree felled at least one more tree is grown.
  • Natureflex barrier film– NM cellulose: Made from sustainably grown eucalyptus trees from managed plantations. Food contact approved.
  • Sealing Layer – Bio PBS: Our bio-polymer is derived from natural resources such as sugarcane, cassava and corn from non-GMO crops.

Currently, there is no global certification for bio- degradation in water.

We have given our products to various official disintegration tests carried out in water, that have shown excellent results of biodegradation.

The tests outlined in the next slide, very clearly show microbial breakdown of our packaging and with our existing certification, we can confirm our plant based products leave no toxins behind in the water.

No, the packaging will only start to decompose in the presence of Oxygen, Water and most importantly the microbes found in soil and compost.

Yes, due to the nature of the raw materials used and the low volumes currently consumed compared to traditional packaging, substrate prices are more expensive.

This cost is very dependant on the quantity requirements.

Yes, the sealant web has excellent hot tack with very low sealing initiation temperatures (70°C to 80°C)

It is designed to run down standard VFFS and Flow wrap machines

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Exceed Expectations

I just received the shipment yesterday with our first batch run. The packaging absolutely exceeded expectations. It looks so great, very happy. Thank you for all your help, it is much appreciated.


Wonderful Job

I am so happy with the quality of the labels. You have done a wonderful job. I am truly blown away. A massive thank you for all your help and fast turnaround.
It has been a pleasure working with you.

Alicia Birch

Great Service

From the very start Luminar have been excellent ! From friendly service to quick quoting, to super fast production I cannot fault them at all – They are definitely a customer focused business. Well done team.

Marieka Battiato

Fantastic work

From the start to the end working with Luminar and Matt was an absolute joy. Fantastic work and highly professional.
A big thank you and look forward to future work.

Janette Starbuck

highly recommended

Had a really positive experience with Luminar, from the initial phone call with Mike to the final stages, everything was perfect, highly recommend if your looking for high quality labels.

Alex Abbas

professional service

Always a pleasure to deal with the team at Luminar.

A big thank you for your prompt and professional service.
Reliable, quality and fast service.

Keep up the great work.

Alek Roubin

Improve presentation

Luminar did everything I wanted as fast as could be done, with me feeling that their team was in total control of my needs. They saved me 59% compared to my previous supplier as well. Further, they had some excellent suggestions for how I used my labels and how I could save time and improve my product presentation. Get a quote now!

Jeff H

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