Flexible and customisable packaging for vitamins and supplements



Whether you run a startup or are an established producer, there’s no denying Australia has a strong appetite for vitamins and supplements. So you need a visually enticing product to stand out on the shelf. Here’s why flexible and customisable packaging is a savvy business choice for your health products.


Rise of the supplements market

The vitamin and supplements market is on a continuous growth trajectory in Australia. While many consumers have been consistent buyers of vitamins, protein powders, energy supplements and more, the pandemic caused a marked surge – likely due to the average Australian looking to boost their immune system and increase their overall health and wellbeing.

Thanks to the explosion of e-commerce as well, the vitamins and supplements sector has experienced, on average, 4.3% growth every year between 2017 and 2022. In such a highly competitive segment, it’s no wonder that brands are reserving much of their budget for their packaging and labelling needs. Indeed, by 2026 the global supplements and nutrition packaging market is expected to approach $27 billion.

So how can you stand out in such a crowded space? With Luminar, our high-quality packaging solutions will give your brand the recognition it deserves on the shelf.


Why flexible packaging is ideal for vitamins and supplements

At face value, one of the biggest pros of flexible packaging is its environmental benefits – especially when compared to traditional hard-plastic bottles, which have been a common choice for vitamins and supplements over recent decades. Flexible packaging takes less energy to produce, less fuel and manpower to transport, and creates less waste during manufacturing, which means fewer unneeded materials end up in landfill.

But beyond the sustainability factor is consumer preference. Flexible packaging, especially for the supplements market, is lighter and easier to carry, while the shops that stock your products will find them easier to store and stock on shelves. For buyers, flexible packaging makes it convenient to scoop out what they need and then reseal the bag for maximum freshness.

Finally, in terms of compliance, using flexible packaging can help protect your vitamins and supplements to withstand extreme temperatures and eliminate the risk of moisture penetration during transport, while resealable zippers can be designed with safety in mind and reduce the chance of accidental spills or oxidation from a poor seal.


Creating custom packaging with Luminar

As the vitamins and supplements space grows, we are finding that our clients prefer the look, feel and customisable nature of stand-up pouches. Luminar offers a range of packaging customisations, including rounded corners, tear notches, bottom gussets, zipper seals and more. Plus, our range of potential materials includes metallised PET, recyclable and even compostable options.

When it comes time to print your design, you can customise a stylish look with metallic foil effects, windows (in any shape), printing in reverse, mosaics and collages, plus finishing options in matt or gloss.


In a highly competitive vitamins and supplements sector, you need to ensure your packaging draws the eyes of potential buyers – even when they have a wide selection of comparable products to choose from. Luminar can help you achieve exactly that, so talk to us about our flexible packaging solutions on (02) 9634 3100 or get a quick quote today.