Short runs: Why it pays to choose a flexible print partner?


No matter what size your business is, when margins are tight you need to know your supply partners can help you hit critical deadlines. But when it comes to printing, labelling and packaging, traditional providers usually require large orders. Moreover, they are expensive and have long turnaround times. Here’s why a digital print partner like Luminar can manage your orders flexibly, on-demand and cost-effectively.


The traditional way of doing things

Before the advent of digital print solutions, small business owners and SMEs had to commit to slow, expensive print partners who typically required large print runs to even accept an order. While large print runs generally work out as better value for money per unit, it’s simply unfeasible for many companies in their early days.

Consider a craft brewery that is looking to get their brand-new logo and artwork printed on labels for their beer bottles. As they are only a small operation, they don’t yet have their product stocked in major liquor stores – they are marketing their product entirely on their e-commerce platform. To keep costs low but still get several thousand bottles of product to market, the craft brewery seeks out a print provider.

The large, established operators require large runs that can take weeks to turn around – but since the brewery needs to meet the demand of online purchases, that ends up being far too long to wait for their labels with a huge upfront cost. Moreover, when the brewery inevitably wants to make different order quantities per SKU, a traditional print provider won’t have the flexibility to deliver that service across tens of thousands of labels.


The digital alternative

Thankfully, agile print partners like Luminar recognise that SMEs simply don’t have the time to wait around for large print runs. Instead, they are happy to pay more per unit for smaller runs with a much faster turnaround in order to cater for huge demand.

Luminar understands the time constraints and multiple SKUs that SMEs need to manage, which is why we offer print, label and packaging solutions that help our customers, not hinder them. Unlike other large printing businesses, we are highly flexible with our minimum-order quantities, even on different SKU codes.

We also understand that every business is unique and our packaging solutions reflect this. We offer printing in a variety of materials and finishes, including sustainable options, to ensure high-quality production runs every time. So whether you’re a startup or an established business, we have the capacity to produce boutique short runs right through to large-scale orders.

With Luminar, there’s no stress and no fuss. Just speak to us about your particular needs and we can organise a fast-turnaround run so you can get your product to market.


Looking for a digital print partner who can turn around your print orders quickly and cost-effectively? Luminar will deliver exactly what you need – without the long turnaround times and eye-watering costs. Contact the experts on (02) 9634 3100 or get a quick quote today.