A next-level print and packaging partner for all scenarios

The value of catching the eye of consumers is impossible to quantify. How you design and package your products is often the difference between thriving and losing out to the competition. That’s why it’s so important to partner with a labelling and print provider who understands every step of the sales journey – from ideation to product placement.




What it means to be a ‘next-level partner’

Even more important than how the product itself looks is being able to avoid the most common – and most unpredictable – pitfalls that can occur along the supply chain. Critically, if a print provider ever falls down, that can result in significant disruption not just for themselves but for their clients who need their products designed and packaged to deadlines.

To help illustrate how we can support your business through all its print and packaging needs – no matter how complex the task or how tight the deadline – here are three scenarios where Luminar can take care of everything.



1.  Combining multiple SKUs into a single print run

Consider a business that needs to print five different stock-keeping units (SKUs), all with different volumes required and different designs. Problematically, they are all on the same stock and in the same size:

  • SKU 1: 5,000 units
  • SKU 2: 10,000 units
  • SKU 3: 6,000 units
  • SKU 4: 500 units

It should be a complicated and expensive process, right? Not with Luminar. Thanks to the power of digital printing, we can provide a quote for the total volume of 21,500 units, run them as a single job and then break them down into separate rolls (i.e. rewind) for you.

A complicated problem is solved by an efficient, digital and inexpensive solution, compared to the alternative traditional print process.n.




2.  Trialling a promotional product

Say you have a promo product that you want to trial before bringing to market completely. You reach out to your provider and request a very small run of just 2,000 packages for your new product – most importantly, it needs to happen fast so you can test its popularity.

How can this be done? With Luminar, you’ll have a variety of options available to you. We can easily print off the 2,000 packages as a one-off. Because there are no plate set-up costs, it’s a much cheaper solution. We can even add another SKU into this promo print run to increase the quantity while reducing the cost at your end – all turned around quickly.




3. Regularly changing artwork

Whether it’s due to updated nutritional information, seasonally designed artwork, or just a revamped logo and messaging on your products, changing your packaging can be an expensive endeavour.

Not with Luminar. These types of changes to your packaging design can be made quickly and at no extra cost. More importantly, because we don’t use plates there’s no need to make changes or incur hefty prep costs.



If you’re ready to partner with a next-level provider who understands that printing, packaging and labelling shouldn’t be a complicated or expensive process, we can help. Luminar’s passionate team will work directly with you to meet all your product needs – no matter the complexity, the timeline or your budget. Get a quick quote today or call us on (02) 9634 3100.