How Luminar helped Mingle Seasoning drive promotional growth



Like almost every other business in Australia, the 2020 pandemic brought tremendous challenges in the midst of huge growth for food company Mingle Seasoning. The brand has a flavourful product offering of various sachets, sauces, and seasonings, created for busy individuals and families who want to connect around food. But COVID-19 arrived at a time when the Mingle brand was growing rapidly, and a range of innovations in the space meant that the company needed a partner that could go above and beyond, with insight, technical knowledge and support from project inception to delivery.

“Our business is trying to break the mould in the flavour space through more than just product quality,” says Adam Morris, Managing Director at Mingle Seasoning. “Our packaging design is a key strategic element of our marketing strategy and is a pillar of the business. We do not have the marketing budgets of the larger players, so our products need to stand out on the shelf.”

Mingle seasoning ultimately needed the right foundations in a partnership formed to drive promotional growth over the long term – adapting to changing business conditions and an ever-changing competitive landscape.





In seeking the ideal product design and packaging partner, Mingle Seasoning decided to work with Luminar because of their attention to detail and keen interest in working alongside customers – rather than treating them as a revolving door of income. It was Luminar’s industry knowledge, problem-solving capabilities and genuine interest in the success of Mingle Seasoning from day one that sealed the deal.

After sitting down and discussing Mingle’s needs, the Luminar team set about building an action plan that would help the food company stand out in a hyper-competitive space while heroing their mission statement of being about more than just seasonings, and rather about getting people to connect around food again.

“Their industry knowledge, problem-solving ability and genuine interest in the success of our business has been refreshing, but also integral to our journey so far,” says Adam.

Luminar helped Mingle source new packaging formats, offered more economical solutions and worked collaboratively with the client to help them optimise their production and impacts of cash flow. As a service-oriented business with problem-solving at the heart of their capabilities, Luminar’s support reaped huge rewards for Mingle Seasoning – both on the shelf and for their bottom line.





Luminar and Mingle Seasoning’s partnership is far from over, and as we progress through 2021 there will be more results to share. For now, the Mingle team are excited about the launch of their first range of sachets, as well as opening up a new customer market in New Zealand.

“Luminar helped us launch our first range of sachets into the market, among other product formats,” says Adam Morris. “These sachets have now become some of our most popular products and are in a very unique packaging format. The sachets are for sale in both of Australia’s major retailers, and they are also being exported to New Zealand.

“As these products have matured, Luminar has been a part of our optimisation projects through cost reductions and material adjustments, which have helped us drive more promotional growth with the savings.”



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