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It can be distressing to see figures like 95% of all new products fail. Even if you’re an established presence in your industry, the potential of your new offering falling by the wayside is more likely than not. One of the biggest problems we see, however, is that SMEs often spend little – or zero – time considering how their product looks.

Markets move quickly in the modern age, so in order to stay relevant with consumers your business needs to be both agile and adaptable. But arguably even more important than your own ability to pivot and react to market changes is the need to align yourself with fast-moving partners – those who can rapidly turn around whatever you need at a moment’s notice.


Why agility is key to thriving in the modern marketplace

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that how we deal with disruption can be the difference between success and failure. In sectors that are typically seen as stagnant and slow-moving, it’s easy to rest on your laurels and hope to ride out any economic storms. However, as industries become increasingly competitive, SMEs that are deliberately disruptive are often the ones who gain the lion’s share of the market. Moreover, those who partner with businesses that are adept at managing quick custom jobs, short runs and fast turnarounds are able to meet challenging demands and give the consumer exactly what they want.

The most important part of your business, therefore, is your customer base. The problem is that – aside from a small cadre of truly loyal clients – most SMEs are powerless against external market forces. Maybe your strongest competitor is now offering the same product for less than you charge. Perhaps other organisations have a much larger marketing spend, drawing in curious customers. Or maybe you just don’t have the time or the manpower to take care of your print, packaging and labelling needs.

You may not be able to control those factors, but you can be proactive by seeking out fast-moving partners who are experts in this space.


Your controllable top priority

With a big problem being that many SMEs spend minimal time considering how their product looks, there may be a variety of reasons for why this is so:

  • Lack of knowledge about design trends and how consumers react to packaging.
  • The investment of time is too high.
  • An (incorrect) assumption that quality packaging is too expensive – therefore eliminating any potential profit.
  • They can’t find a competent packaging business to help make their products shine.

When time is short and design expertise is thin on the ground, you want a company that can guide you through the entire packaging process. That’s why at Luminar we work directly with every business to understand your specific goals, your design needs, and what you want your product to say. We can confidently customise your packaging and labelling needs no matter the time constraints or the size of your product runs. And we also have access to an expert network that can assist with all your peripheral needs – meaning you can rest easy knowing your product will get into the hands of consumers quickly.


Luminar is the ideal partner to drive your business forward

Innovation and speed are at the heart of everything we do at Luminar, which is why we are committed to bringing a fresh perspective on packaging and labelling for every client. Our client-focused approach may be different from others in the packaging space, but we believe agility and keeping an eye on future trends is what sets us apart from the competition.

In addition to rapid growth that has seen our small startup expand into a 20-person team with a 1,200sqm warehouse in Riverstone, Sydney, we are committed to using the latest technologies to create quality labels and packaging – fast than your competition. Our investment in an HP Indigo 20,000 printer, for example, has allowed us to increase our production capacity by 200% while ensuring rapid turnaround to provide your business with new – and lucrative – opportunities.



Need print, packaging or labelling services with a short turnaround time, or unhappy with the design service from your current provider? Luminar’s experienced and passionate team will help you deliver a visually enticing product that connects with your customers on the shelf. Get a quick quote today or call us on (02) 9634 3100.