Currie shines HP Indigo 20,000 at Luminar

Currie shines at Luminar

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Making sure the new HP Indigo 20,000 at Luminar is looking its best is Currie Group NSW account manager Will Currie, who bet Luminar owner Matt Ellis that he would personally clean the press, in appropriate apparel, if Ellis signed the order.

Ellis says, “Fair play to Will, we signed the order, he lost the bet, and he has fronted up to clean the press. The uniform is impressive, I think it shows his legs off quite well, although the spray on tan could be better.”

Currie says, “It has been a pleasure to get here for 6am, put my scrubs on, get the cleaning gear out, and make sure the 20000 is sparkling. Matt is a hard taskmaster, he is very particular, but I think I have done the job.”

Ellis and Currie are part of the new generation of young leaders in the industry bringing fresh ideas and impetus into print.

HP Indigo 20000 Blog

The new HP Indigo 20000 install comes fresh off Luminar’s rebranding and its move to a new 1200 square metre facility at Riverstone, in Sydney’s west.

The HP Indigo 20000 will expand Luminar’s flexible packaging capabilities with its gravure-quality print and its wider web, according to Ellis. “It will allow us to say yes more than no. Flexibles went from zero per cent to 20 per cent of our business in 12 months, and because we operate narrow web, we were limited in what we could offer the industry. Now we will be able to offer what the industry needs in terms of web width,” he said.

Original Post by Wayne Robinson