Why packaging is just as important as your product

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The way your packaging is designed and manufactured is just as important as the product itself. Effective packaging is one of the ways you can stand out from your competition and attract potential customers and ultimately, sales. Your customers may make their first impressions about your product and your company based on the way your packaging looks. Think of your packaging the same way you think about advertising and branding. The graphic identity of your packaging must capture the buyer’s attention and drive them to a sale.

No matter what industry you’re in, chances are you have competitors. How do you differentiate your product from the competition? Here’s some key features you should consider when designing and manufacturing your food and beverage packaging.

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Consumer Attraction

You want your packaging to make people stop, notice and entice a potential customer and convert them into a sale. Sometimes a window on the package can help the consumer see the actual product as persuade their decision to buy.

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The right logo, colours and design features on your packaging gives you a brand identity and makes you recognizable and familiar to the potential customer.


Communicate the relevant information about your product and make it easy for the consumer to find out everything they need to know before they buy the product.


Good packaging design has a functionality of its own. From easy shipping to reusable or re-sealable packaging the functionality will play a key factor to the consumer’s conversion to a sale. Flexible packaging is one option that is easy to ship and can be resealed.