Innovation and Automation – Introducing Web 2 Print

As in everything we do at Luminar, our new online system, Web 2 Print (W2P), aims to make your life easier. In essence, it empowers you – our customers – by streamlining printing projects from beginning to end.

These days, we have apps to tell us when’s best to wake up, pre-programmed lights that turn on when we’re about to reach home, and vacuums that clean our houses while we’re at the movies. Basically, automated technologies are part and parcel of our lives. At Luminar we’re interested in applying clever technologies – such as W2P – to deliver better service.

Automation sometimes gets a bad rap, but we think new and emerging technologies complement our personable customer experience. We also believe successful automation hinges on what a business hopes to achieve with it. For Luminar, it’s all positive. We want to understand and meet your needs in a smarter way.

Being ‘time-poor’ is a more prevalent concern than ever, as we all try to keep several balls in the air. To allocate how we spend our precious hours we must find efficiencies. Thankfully Luminar’ new W2P system delivers solutions.

With your unique W2P client profile you can:

  1. Request quotes
  2. Easily re-order past jobs
  3. Upload design files (at both quote and final stages)
  4. Check and edit your account details at any time
  5. Manage your printing projects in one centralised location

We’re currently finalising the capability to review and approve PDFs and track orders in real time. These options will soon be available via W2P.

Three key benefits of automation that improve your working day

Not only does W2P deliver benefits from a project management point of view, it has a ripple effect on the rest of your working life – especially in areas of performance, productivity and reliability.


Every business wants to operate at peak performance at all times. By simplifying the project management of your printing jobs, W2P provides a great opportunity to perform your other work at a higher level. The more time saved, the more energy that can be devoted to your key responsibility areas.


Having an online system like W2P means all your info is there when you need it – to make sure you’re falling on the right side of the input v output equation. This includes details on past jobs you’ve submitted (to make for easy re-ordering) and a growing list of quote and order templates to choose from.


Using the automated W2P system, you will soon be able track projects from beginning to end in real time. Having online access to such information will make it simple to communicate the status of printing projects with your colleagues.

Why now?

As we’ve touched on above (and in the past) we’re always innovating. Business values and the way people work are shifting at an ever-increasing rate and it’s our responsibility to meet your changing needs. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to contact us. Whether you choose to get in touch over the phone, online, or in person is up to you. The addition of W2P offers even more choice, providing a valuable communication channel and project management platform that gives you – our customers – a greater sense of involvement and control. In the end, our focus is on improving service to you as the end users.

Curious? Trial W2P today. Be sure to let us know what you think. Contact Matt on 0410 970 755 or email