The Proof is in the PANTONE®

Wesley Hurrell first encountered Luminar in 2011 when he was building a sports nutrition business called NutriScience. He was looking for a labelling company to help him market his electrolyte sports nutrition drink, Extend.

“I was very naïve about the printing industry at that stage,” said Hurrell. He found Luminar through a Google search for a printing company near Glenhaven.

“Luminar was very helpful,” he said. “The team were very proactive and gave me valuable advice on copywriting and design.”

Hurrell now works full time as a health and nutrition content writer for Mr Supplement—Australia’s largest supplement store. The marketing team at Mr Supplement was looking for a labelling company to print labels for a major rebrand to some of its nutrition products.

mr supplement warehouse

Photo: Mr Supplement warehouse in Seven Hills, Sydney

“We wanted to modernise the product line by making some aesthetic changes to the label” said Hurrell. “Our labels are a big and important part of our brand and our business, so we wanted the best.”

Mr Supplement contacted several Sydney printing companies, including Luminar, for sample proofs.

“When we ask for proofs, we’re looking at colour, depth, texture and quality,” explained Hurrell. “The fluorescent orange colour on our logo is very hard to print on most traditional print machines with four colour stations (CMYK).”

CMYK refers to the four inks used in some colour printing: cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black).

Despite paying a large sum of money, most printing companies sent back one proof only and failed to achieve the fluorescent orange tone.

“Luminar provided us with an extensive range of proofs with many colour variations at no cost,” said Hurrell.

Luminar use a HP Indigo digital press that has superior print capabilities due to its seven ink stations. HP Indigo digital presses enable:

  • 97% coverage of PANTONE® colours
  • True spot colours
  • Sharp, smooth images and uniform gloss.

“We chose Luminar because their printing capabilities are second to none,” said Hurrell. “They’re also well priced and the team is easy to do business with.”

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