Risk it for the Biscuit

Bite Size Group is an Australian distribution company that describes itself as ‘bakers with a PhD in business.’ Bite Size Group produce bite-sized biscuits, chocolates and savoury treats to accompany coffees, hot drinks and alcoholic drinks in cafes, corporate offices, casinos and 5-star hotels.

Being hospitable

The idea for Bite Size originated when the directors had their own café. After years in business and with increasing numbers of competitors opening around them, they turned to providing a complimentary treat with their coffees to add value to their customers’ experience. Their first flavour was a delicious almond shortbread – a Greek kourabie – shrunk down to the size of a 20c piece so as to fit on a spoon. Customers loved the taste but, even more importantly, they appreciated the gesture. As a result, the café experienced tremendous growth.

However, they can’t take all the credit for the concept. In Europe, serving something complimentary to your guests is the norm in hospitality. ‘Business owners in Europe had it right all along,’ says Jeremy Dakis of Managing Director at Bite Size Group. ‘Bring them into your home. Show them your hospitality, because that’s what this industry is all about.’

The Dakis family quickly realised that this wasn’t just an amazing treat, it was an opportunity to help other businesses get an edge over their competitors. In 2006, the family started Bite Size Coffee Treats, the manufacturing leg to Bite Size Group.


Bite Size Group knows a thing or two about biscuit marketing.

The point of difference

This July, the company celebrated 10 years in business. It now boasts over 1000 customers Australia-wide, employs 30 people and bakes more than 22 million biscuits each year.

“To create a point of difference, cafes used to focus on sourcing the best coffee beans,” says Penny Kassapakis, Corporate Sales Executive at Bite Size Group.  “Now, we’re all coffee connoisseurs. You can get a good coffee almost anywhere. We’re helping our customers achieve that point of difference again. By adding a complimentary treat to the plate, you’re going the extra mile, and customers appreciate that.”

Sticking together

Penny has been working with Luminar, Sydney’s top label printing company, since early 2015.  “Luminar are quicker than most companies in the industry, and the results are sharper and more effective,” says Penny.

Although the company was tied to an existing printing and label supplier, Penny explains that it wasn’t meeting all of their business needs, and often called on Luminar for help.  Late last year, Penny needed to produce label seals for 600 boxed Christmas gifts.

“The cardboard was thick so we needed a label that was strong enough to seal the box and stop the lid from springing up,” says Penny.  “We got various label companies to provide samples, but Luminar was the only company that could produce a label with the right stickiness.”

Luminar sent the winning labels to Penny within just three days. “We were all really happy. It was life-changing,” says Penny.


Luminar seals the deal with Bite Size Group’s Christmas retail boxes.


Recently, Bite Size Group moved its complete print business over to Luminar. “They’re efficient, friendly and willing to help,” explains Penny. “We’re fast-paced and they’re here to support us. The future is bright – I can’t say too much, just to watch this space.”

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