Print Supreme, From Television to Movie Screens

Steve Harper is the Print Services Manager at SPARK!, a global creative and production agency that has studios in Europe, Australia and North America. SPARK! is owned by ASG Worldwide—one of the largest premium packaging manufacturers in the world.

At SPARK!, Steve manages the studio’s day-to-day print, packaging and point-of-sale jobs for Australia and New Zealand. His clients include Microsoft, Hazbro Games and Walt Disney Home Entertainment. Steve often works to tight deadlines and relies on Luminar—a leading Australian printing company—to deliver quality printing, fast.

Picture: Inside the SPARK! Sydney studio

Photo: Inside the SPARK! Sydney studio

“The team at Luminar are so efficient,” says Steve. “It makes us look great and, in turn, the client look great.”

When most printing companies take days to return a quote, Luminar can complete a project in the same time frame.

“Luminar has turned around an urgent Paramount Pictures job in just two days,” says Steve. “That included briefing, artwork, and delivery to Melbourne. It was unbelievable.”

Steve began his career in the mid 90s as a television editor at a local TV station in New Zealand. “At that time, New Zealand had just three stations so it was very competitive and hard to move up,” he says.

Eager to succeed in a creative industry, Steve turned his attention to print. He attended courses and took an entry-level job making printing plates. Once he has gained enough experience, Steve moved to Sydney for a Print Manager role at Wellcom Worldwide. At Wellcom, Steve worked alongside Mike Ellis—now owner of Luminar. Steve has continued to commission Luminar over many years.

“I choose to work with Luminar because the service is second to none,” says Steve. “I can talk to any member of the team and they will know exactly who I am, what my job involves, and where it’s up to.”

Steve explains that while they sit at the cheaper end of industry prices—mainly because they have smaller overheads—they’re successful because they offer a personalised service.

“They go out of their way to be helpful and treat each client as a friend,” says Steve. “Secondly, the machinery they use delivers a sharp, crisp print. The quality coupled with a team that takes pride in their work is a winning combination.”

If you’re looking for creative or digital design production, asset management, print or distribution services, visit the SPARK! website.

Or, ask Luminar for a quick quote for your next print project.