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We’re a creative bunch and enjoy designing eye-catching labels

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Artwork & Design

We excel in printing labels that speak volumes about the quality of your product.

Over the years we’ve found there are a few small but important things we need from our customers to make this happen.

Follow these 5 easy rules and we’ll handle the rest:

  1. File type. We prefer Adobe Illustrator PDFs
  2. Images. Ensure all images are the highest quality, e.g. 300dpi
  3. Fonts. Choose fonts that can be easily reproduced. Limit the use of fancy fonts with serifs for small text (5pt or less), and avoid using very small text of 4pt or less
  4. Borders. Avoid thin keylines close to the border. Use thicker borders of 3mm+ where possible or place keylines at least 2mm from the dieline
  5. Colour matching. Always use CMYK or PMS colours in your artwork. Got a sample you want matched? Mail it to us. We will always try to match your colours as close as possible.

All we need is a little inspiration in the form of your key visuals or a rough outline of the style you’re after.

We will email you a PDF for approval or one round of corrections, if required. Then we’ll send the revised design for your final approval before scheduling print.

Got any questions? We’re here to help.

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