The Right Formula: How an Entrepreneur Found His Perfect Label

When Alex walked through the doors of Luminar’ Castle Hill printing studio, he knew he had found something special. This was the company that would help him to bring his product to life.

Building a dream

For two years Alex, 27, a hair salon owner in Sydney, had been working on an exclusive line of organic hair care products under the name of Alex Sabba. He tinkered endlessly with formulas and ingredients: they had to be the right blend of organic, chemical-free, Australian-made botanical oils. They had to deliver the beautiful results that Alex’s customers craved, and that no other brand could match. Finally, earlier this year, Alex found the right formula.

Alex is the first to admit that when it comes to his craft, he’s a perfectionist. He wanted his products to reflect the care and passion he felt for his profession. But when it came time to create a label for his products, Alex came up short. He visited several Sydney labelling business and walked away dejected. He was nearly ready to give up.

The chance encounter

In September this year, Alex decided to give it one last shot. He visited a label company in Sydney’s South-West. Unfortunately, the sales guy never invited him inside; instead, he peppered Alex with questions from the doorframe. He showed Alex two basic label options, each with a hefty $800 set-up fee to create a die cut that would fit his desired label size.

Alex slunk off into the carpark to consider his options. Should he spend extra to print a label he didn’t like? For Alex, it was so much more than a label. It was the voice of his product.

A signature look

From his car, Alex searched for label companies on Google. It turned out that Luminar was close by. He rang the number and explained the situation. Ten minutes later, Alex was sitting comfortably in the office of Mike Ellis, owner of Luminar. Mike showed Alex around his studio and proudly presented an example of what he believed would be the voice of Alex Sabba: a label digitally CMYK printed on silver metallised material with a matte laminate. And because Luminar had so many die cuts in stock, there were no set-up fees like the other printers.

“It were as if Mike cared more about my labels than me!” says Alex. “I was so relieved that I’d found a company that could bring my product to life.”

Before and after product labels

Before and after. Left: Alex holds the beta label. Right: A classy label by Luminar.


A luxe label for a luxe product

Alex’s labels were ready in just seven days. With that final piece of the puzzle complete, Alex Sabba hair care was ready to hit the market. And people took notice. The products are already selling in AMR Hair & Beauty, Australia’s leading beauty supplier.

“Luminar made it happen,” says Alex. “They turned an idea into reality. I think the label is what sells the product. If you have a cheap label, it’s marketed that way. If you have a quality-looking label, it sells better,” he said.

Eager to share his find, Alex has already recommended Luminar to his circle, including a friend working on a new men’s product. “When it comes down to labelling he knows where to go; he has no option!” Alex jokes.

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