FWD Form Nutrition: Navigating the packaging challenges of the supplements sector


With a clear focus on performance, FWD Form Nutrition entered the supplements market looking to create products that are natural and beneficial to those looking for continuous improvement.

Here’s how Luminar helped FWD Form Nutrition package their products and break through in a congested market.


CHALLENGE: Getting the branding right

Co-founders Elle and Scott each have more than a decade’s experience in the fitness industry. From competing at an elite level to owning gyms, they understand exactly what health enthusiasts want – whether it’s a high-intensity fitness regime or delicious vegan food, like they offer at one of their Bowlarama stores in New South Wales.

But never ones to rest on their laurels, the pair wanted to craft a range of natural supplements they could sell online. Protein, daily green powder, pre-workout supplements and more – they have the knowledge, the team and the support of influencers in the community, such as professional boxer Cody Beeken.

Despite having all these things in place, they needed a packaging partner who understood the supplements market and could deliver on their branding needs.

“We wanted to create packaging that looked clean,” Elle says. “It needed to look sleek, clean and premium. People who are consuming our supplements need to trust that they are high-quality products. The FWD Form Nutrition brand is all about leaning into the uncomfortable and improving yourself, and we want our community to be inspired by that.”




SOLUTION: Eye-catching stand-up pouches

A naturopath who helps Elle and Scott formulate their supplements suggested they meet with Luminar. Scott sat down with our National Business Manager, Elliot, who listened to their needs and walked them through how their goals could be achieved.

“We had an initial conversation about getting a stand-up pouch for the supplements and then trying to figure out how powder would fit into them,” Scott says. “Elliot helped highlight a lot of issues, because we didn’t realise how hard it would be. We thought we could just get a standard pouch, but Elliot explained that it was more about understanding the dimensions to ensure the packaging didn’t look too empty or too full.”

Scott says he couldn’t be happier with the level of service he received from Luminar.

“It was amazing,” he says. “Elliot followed up on everything – the whole delivery process and the entire journey, really. The relationship felt natural.”




RESULTS: A strategy for future growth

FWD Form Nutrition is gearing up for a big launch in January, when their supplements will be available to purchase online. Elle can’t wait for people to get their hands on the products, which she says “look neat on a benchtop”.

This is just the beginning of FWD Form Nutrition’s journey. Now that they have the right packaging for their supplements, they can start bringing their core mission to market: inspiring people to go after what they want, whether that’s in fitness or their career.

“No matter what you do – exercising, meditating, bike riding – our supplements can get you where you want to go,” Scott says. “The natural ingredients in our supplements can do amazing things for your body, helping with mental focus and recovery.”


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