Four tips for choosing a label company

Do you need to print some labels but don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. Labels are more than just a sticker on a jar. Instead, they’re a key part of your products’ success. Your product label – often the first interaction a customer has with your brand – can greatly impact the decision-making process.

The fact you’re reading this blog is a really good sign you care about your labelling and want to not only get a job done, but that you want it done well. To help separate the dodgy from the reputable, we’ve put together four tips to remember when you’re looking for a label company.

1. Research your dream label

Do you know the size of your label, what you want it to look like and what kind of material it’s being applied to? You might not think it, but knowing these kinds of details can influence the quote. We would never dream of charging one client more than another just because one is more informed, but unfortunately it’s prevalent in the industry. Over-quoting isn’t necessarily done with malicious intent – a label company might just quote the most expensive material, when it’s not actually what you require.

Have you done your research about what label material you need for your packaging? Because, there may be cheaper alternatives. We recommend having an idea of what you want and then asking your label company to offer economical options. A good label company is happy to listen to your needs and recommend suitable materials to achieve the desired result.

Labelling glass bottles

Know your product and its packaging like the back of your hand.

2. Be flexible to minimise setup costs

Have you ever been quoted extra for label setup costs? For example, to create a ‘die cut’ or ‘plate’ for your label size? Die cutting is a process that label companies use to cut materials into a specific shape using a steel cutting die. You can often avoid paying for die cuts if you’re flexible with your size requirements. Sometimes mentioning something as little as “we may accept 2-3mm variation in size if you have a die cut in store,” could save you up to $300. If you want to produce a short-run of labels only, ask us about the benefits of digital printing. It could save you hundreds.

3. Ensure the company is reputable

Australian consumers are more savvy than ever. Last year’s Google’s Consumer Barometer for Australia told us that 33% of Australian consumers exclusively use online research to find out about local businesses, whilst 60% use a combination of online and offline platforms.

Does the label company you’re considering have good reviews on Google and Facebook? Make sure to use a balance of customer reviews and the company’s website to ensure you’re choosing a well-respected and trusted business.

Luminar Google Reviews

You be the judge: Rave reviews or rough reports?

4. Choose a label company with high service standards

Your label is the tangible culmination of all your hard work. It all leads to this point – balancing an eye-catching design with valuable product information. The best labels identify, describe and promote products. So, when you’re choosing a label company, make sure the front line staff are engaged and offer the advice and solutions to make your label a success.

Beyond being a supplier, the company you choose should be someone you could partner with as your company grows. You should have no hesitation in their commitment to you as the customer and they should be interested in building an ongoing and valuable relationship.

Want more information or have a question about your next labelling job? Get in touch with Luminar now to see how we can work together.