Four autumn packaging trends to try now

Autumn. ‘Tis the season of russet tones and the perfect time for cosy nights on the couch with a cuppa tea and a bicky. And, behind those cosy moments are brands working hard to leverage the season to forge emotional connections with their audience.

Brands have long been capitalising on seasons and holidays—Spring, Easter, Christmas and Valentine’s Day are obvious examples. Seasonal merchandising strategies can spark sales by helping brands to stand out on the shelf, getting customers excited about the season, and creating a buzz around the brand. Read on as we explore four stand-out packaging trends budding this autumn that will get your customers talking.

1. Rich textures

Out of all the seasons, we think autumn has the strongest association to texture. It’s a season that’s known for its tactile nature – from the contrasting crunch of foliage underfoot to the silky smooth underside of an evergreen leaf. Product packaging also has a close association with touch, and it’s extremely important they have an exterior that people want to pick up. While packaging with artistic designs and interesting typography attract consumers, introducing texture is a marketing move that converts interest into action. So, when it comes to autumn packaging, it’s no surprise that popular options are kraft-based products, those made of wood-like materials and containers with natural-looking appeal.

Wine packaging image

The unrefined look

2. Autumnal colours

Colours are emotional. And, not only do they rouse a spectrum of feelings, they impact our purchase decisions. Companies have always taken note of this in the development of packaging.

Remember, someone might not recall the name or brand of a product, but they will probably retain that it had a red and gold label. Autumnal colours evoke strong feelings that we associate with the transition from unbearable heat to more manageable conditions. It gives many of us a warm, happy feeling that will last until the leaves completely drop off and winter arrives. It’s a rich season, so keep an eye out for packaging in luxuriant shades of red, orange, yellow, brown, purple, pink and magenta.

Contemporary packaging in autumnal colours image

A contemporary take on autumnal colours

3. Sustainable packaging

The move towards eco-friendly packaging isn’t so much a trend as an applauded shift in thinking. Autumn is synonymous with all-things nature, so it makes it the ideal season to ramp up support of packaging materials that don’t increase our carbon footprint. In order to do so, look to use plant-based plastics and recycled supplies. Reading the Australian Packaging Covenant’s guidelines is a good place to start.

‘Sustainability’ is no longer an environmental buzzword, as savvy businesses realise their whole operation should be focusing on long-term viability across the environmental, social and economic realms. So, while eco-friendly packaging options still generally costs more than plastics, the materials are longer-lasting and are fast-becoming more comparable to their poly counterparts. Be on the front foot and embrace sustainable options this autumn.

Evironmentally-friendly packaging image

A great example of textured, environmentally-friendly packaging in interesting shapes

4. Shapes

Believe it or not, there’s plenty of consumer psychology research that looks into the shapes of packaging and how it can make or break consumers’ purchase decisions. An emerging trend for packaging this autumn is the use of surprising shapes. Look for bold, simple colours and unexpected shapes that play with the form of the product itself.

The thing about using such shapes in packaging isn’t so much about appearances, but their function and feel. For instance, think of Toblerone and Pringles—two food products that use iconic packaging in a functional way. Introducing surprising shapes allows a brand push its boundaries.

Toblerone packaging image

The iconic (largely due to its shape) Toblerone

We can help

Beyond comfy cardies, pretty colours and hot drinks, we think autumn is a great time of year to try something new when it comes to packaging and labelling. If you have questions about an upcoming project, or don’t know where to start with your labelling job, please get in touch with us today.

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