Digital vs Traditional | Benefits of Digital Print Packaging


Anyone who has experienced the dramatic shift from traditional print processes to digital solutions will know the ‘wow’ factor that digital print packaging delivers. From production speed to turnaround times to the unmatched quality, digital stands head and shoulders above legacy print and labelling methods. Here’s what it can do for your business.


Packaging can make or break your success

Small businesses are the backbone of the Australian economy, and despite the effects of COVID-19, entrepreneurs continue to start up new operations in order to achieve their dreams. In fact, by the end of June 2021 there were more than 2.4 million actively trading businesses country-wide – a 3.8% rise on the previous year.

For small businesses that operate in sectors like food and produce, health and beauty, drinks and industrial, how you present your product is often the difference between a purchase and a lost sale – it’s simply the nature of fast-moving consumer goods. That means you need the right packaging to get eyes on your products, and digital can deliver far more than traditional.


The benefits of digital print packaging

From startups to established market leaders, digital print offers a variety of benefits that traditional solutions simply cannot match:

  • Smaller investment required.
  • Multiple SKUs can be printed in a single run.
  • Minimum-order quantities are much lower than traditional.
  • A diversity of finishes to choose from.
  • No expensive set-up costs.
  • Quick turnaround times.
  • Access to high-quality visual designers.
  • Close relationship with your account manager.
  • Expert guidance on packaging type and labelling selection.


Why traditional print doesn’t suit modern businesses

By contrast, we find that small businesses simply can’t afford to get their print packaging from a traditional provider. Not only are there eye-watering set-up and labour costs, but the long wait times – particularly if your print partner is overseas – can be hugely detrimental to cash flow management.

Unlike digital print packaging, traditional means you will usually have to purchase a minimum order that could be anywhere from 10,000 to 100,000 units per SKU. That’s simply not feasible for FMCG businesses with multiple products and razor-thin margins.


How Luminar is shaking up the industry with digital

Luminar aims to break down the barriers to high-quality print packaging by turning all the drawbacks of traditional solutions on their head. With our state-of-the-art print equipment, including our recent deployment of the Screen L350UV Inkjet Series, we can deliver premium print solutions at a low cost and in a much shorter turnaround time.

Our Managing Director, Matt Ellis, recently spoke on the PKN Podcast about how Luminar has supported Mingle Seasoning reach new heights with digital print. He shared why there is such a strong appetite for digital print packaging in Australia, and why traditional is no longer viable for small businesses on even smaller budgets.

“One of our biggest goals is to make labels and packaging as easy to purchase as a pair of shoes. What we really want to be promoting is a digital-first mindset, and not just in the sense of digital print, but also the way we run our business – our processes and procedures, the way in which we communicate both internally and externally with our customers and suppliers,” Matt says.

“Millennials are very mobile people, and time is becoming more and more valuable. What Luminar is trying to do is facilitate saving time. We want our relationships with customers to be scalable. We want the way in which we communicate inside our business to be scalable. And we see digital as a way to facilitate that.”


Want to leverage the power of digital print packaging while leaving slow, costly processes in the dust? We will turn around your order quickly using locally produced packaging and labelling. Contact the experts at Luminar on (02) 9634 3100 or get a quick quote today.