Design and Print Trends of 2019


Not analysing trends is like riding a bicycle with your eyes closed. You could be rolling smoothly if the road ahead is nice and clear, however you won’t really know what’s coming. Trends place us in time – understanding how design and print styles change and evolve will help keep your design fresh to resonate with your customer.

In 2019, we’ll witness contradictions and a combination of designs and prints taking several directions. So hold on tight and enjoy the ride!

1.  3D Elements and Typography

Consistently appearing in design over the years, 3D elements and type will definitely make an appearance this year. Technologies have evolved quite quickly allowing designers to create gems with amazing depth, immersing viewers in a futuristic world.


Image Reference: Katt Phatt, Eiko Ojala


2. Open Compositions

Break free from strict boxes and grids with open compositions that really push any boundaries in creativity. Embracing white space and out of world elements, this trend will make you feel like you’re only catching a glimpse of the whole imaginative picture.

Luminar Design Trends Open Composotion


3. Asymmetrical Layout

Asymmetry is often thought of as a lack of balance, however this layout is often used to create harmony with large images and smaller elements. The design offers a non-traditional approach to balance, introducing a more dynamic and energetic flow in the layout.




4. Soft Vintage Style Illustrations

Vintage is often a popular approach in design because it subtly conveys authenticity. Old is the new new, highly popular for food and drink with additional finishes of foil and embossing, it implies elegance and quality.


5. XL Typography

Extra large type makes up for extra large impact! Used in combination with flat or 3D design, the style is intended to really send the message across and jump right off the surface



6. Minimalism showing off colours

Created on the basis of pure functionality, cutting back with minimalism allows the essential message(s) to shine through. Brands demonstrate transparency by showing only what the consumer needs to know by stripping any unnecessary information that can act as more noise in an oversaturated market.




7. Nude palettes with Metallic effect

A mixtures of nudes such as peach, coral (Pantone Colour of the Year ‘Living Coral’) and rose is all about being soft and youthful while also bringing in a sense of class, luxury and exclusivity by additional metallic effects.



8. Flat Simplistic Illustration

Similar to the minimalist approach, flat simplistic illustrations thrive in packaging design as it helps add clarity to the message without stripping visual design elements of the pack and adds to the uniqueness of the brand/product.




9. Anti-Gravity and Liquid Effects

The combination of anti-gravity and liquid effects push the boundaries in design, giving the potential to create a sense of mystery and being out of this world.

Anti Gravity Vodka


10. Rough Touch Finish

Creating a real complex texture onto printed formats, rough touch introduces a new experience in sensations for products. This latest innovation features a unique sandy and gritty film to add another dimension in packaging design. Luminar is now offering rough touch finished on our products. If you’re ready to be ahead of the rest, contact us here.

rough touch laminate